Joon’s Checklist


For Joon to be a stable, happy dog with plenty to keep her occupied physically and mentally, interactive with other dogs and humans, comfortable in her own skin. For her to be a successful agility competitor to the level of her handler’s competence.


{Goals to be achieved are in black; goals felt to be achieved in green; and additional goals are in red.}

  1. Housebroken.
  2. Learn name. [11/26/06]
  3. Gain confidence.
  4. Play with me – tug, retrieve games – tug – tug. [Note: only one tug has been colored in at this date, 11/26/06 – she’s coming along!]
  5. Come when called.
  6. Other obedience behaviors: sit [11/26/06] – down – stand – stay – walking on lead.
  7. Pre-agility behaviors:
    1. Target to hand
    2. Target to object on ground
    3. Spin left and right
    4. Back
    5. Quick down
    6. Directionals (left and right)
    7. “Motivational” stay (1-2-3 or ready-steady-go)
    8. Shadow handling
    9. “Get out” (lateral distance)
    10. “Go on” (forward distance)
    11. “Come in” (like a recall but in motion)
    12. “Through” legs and wrap around leg (for stretches)
    13. “Easy”

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