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Genie playing snowball

Genie has always hated being wet, and can get pretty insulted about snow. Using the tennis ball helps to keep her engaged — at least for a while — in snowy conditions. It was challenging, with some of the really dry, powdery snow of the winter of 2013/14, to keep the tennis balls above the snow line. They would sink down into the snow and be gone, just gone. I imagine we’ll find them in the spring. Can’t wait!

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More dogs in the snow

This is yet another example of Border collie brilliance. Jolt does love the snow. He loves to chase snowflakes as they scatter around; he loves to catch snow as we toss it from the shovel; he loves to scoop his head into the loose snow and come up covered. Anybody know why? Zip wonders too. She thinks the stuff is ok but has too many other things to do than to play with it. Play in it, yes – with

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