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Tuck is a working dog!

Tuck’s mom claims he has no work ethic, that he works entirely for cookies. Granted, this is not the fastest kid on the block, but with extreme patience and persistence, Linda has helped him make enormous achievements. He was shy, hid behind Linda’s legs or under her chair during class, kept to the far end of the leash whenever I held him, didn’t want to jump, or enter tunnels … He is now outgoing in class (has a true love

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If There’s a Joon. . .

If there’s a Joon there must be a Benny, so I thought I’d start the Benny & Joon saga. I adopted Benny a week ago yesterday though I have to admit that it wasn’t until Monday or Tuesday of this week that I was convinced I’d keep him. I’m not as web/blog savvy as Averill, so bear with me. Benny (new name Tuck, but that’s not nearly so fun as Benny & Joon) is an 18 mo. old Tibetan spaniel

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