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Trial Report, Lebanon, Indiana II

I thought it was cold on Saturday! It was 32 degrees on Sunday morning, and it took a long time for the sun to come out. Extra brrrr! Sunday Ken and Jolt had no Qs, though he got through his opening in Snooker and through 4, and then timed out, with 34 points. Ken’s goal for snooker was not to be whistled off the course, so that was good. And I’m the snooker queen, so I can criticize, right? Genie

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Q&A – USDAA Agility

In an email discussion list I’m on, I’ve recently answered some questions about my favorite agility venue and would like to share this info. So here is my USDAA FAQ – which may be added to as more comes up. Q. With what I can read on the USDAA website, it looks like the dogs run “naked”. At least the people get to wear their clothes. Also looks like USDAA runs all “Starters” together without “A” and “B” classes.I couldn’t

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