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Of Mice and Dogs and Brown Sugar

This morning when I got up I discovered that THE MOUSE (and his 86,279 relatives) had discovered a taste for brown sugar and had eaten two opposing sides of the plastic bag containing it, so when I picked up the bag it dumped brown sugar all over the contents of my “baking center”/plastic bag/aluminum foil/plastic wrap repository cupboard (including IN all the open boxes of wrapping stuff) as well as the floor outside the cupboard. This was of course at

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Joon day 2- An IM dialog with Linda

Linda: Dontcha think you should put a link to your coolio blog on the mountainview website? Averill: I plan to; want to get it going a bit more before I do. Linda: Which means you need to write in it. Averill: Yep, but first I have to do something with Joon besides walk her and feed her Red Barn. Linda: I bet she’s loving that. That is doing something with her. You’re teaching her that

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