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Life Goes On, Musings in LA

So here it is October 17 and I haven’t blogged since June, and so many of my submissions were photos… lazy me! I am vacationing in Los Angeles, visiting my daughter Dafna who, in addition to being an incredible person, is an amazing acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I’ve been here one week, which means one week without dogs. Considering that I’ve lived my past 40-some years in the company of canines, dozens of them, this is quite a phenomenon. Dafna

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When Pigs Fly – a seminar

I audited a Jane Killion seminar a couple of weeks ago at Love on a Leash in Harrisonburg VA. Just received the book yesterday from Amazon (should have read it before so I’d know what to ask, hate to ask questions that are covered in a book that I should have read). Jane was wonderful. Maybe I’ll always be impressed by the experts. Maybe? Certainly. They are experts, of course. That’s why we pay them the big bucks for the

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Genie prevails

Not to brag or anything – actually pretty much anything BUT bragging in this case, because I was shocked and overjoyed when Genie and I went to her second puppy class on Thursday evening. She was a different dog from her first class, far improved and just wonderful! And it wasn’t anything I did. I fully expected her to act similarly to her first class two weeks ago; I had spent a week on vacation, away from home, returned on

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