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A slightly wet Jolt after a romp in the river, August, 2009

A slightly wet Jolt after a romp in the river, August, 2009

I live in Rappahannock County, Virginia, on a beautiful piece of land, with my husband Ken. He’s retired though lately he’s been working part time at a local airport (his first love is, I fear, airplanes and flying; then – I hope – I fit in somewhere).We have grown children scattered around the country, and grand-kids as well, and as of April 2013 a (OMG!) great-grandson! We’re one of those extended families – married 25+ years ago and my oldest child is, well, never mind. She’s not old, but her age makes me feel old. And Ken’s older son is close to my oldest daughter’s age. So we’re not spring chickies.

I raised Saint Bernards for many, many years before we got our first Australian Shepherd and then discovered agility. The great discovery occurred in 1994 at a bench show in Philadelphia where there was an agility demo going on. AKC was at that time in the process of incorporating agility into their performance array of events. Both Ken and I were totally captivated by the sport and began lessons shortly thereafter, and it’s all history from there.

Our Saints are gone, but we now have two Aussies and three Border Collies – and Ernie the Cairn terrier. I’m quite active, teaching agility classes at Mountain View Dog Training and competing in agility in USDAA trials with our BCs Jolt and Jig and one of our Aussies, Genie. Up and coming are BC Zip and Aussie Jack. Ernie is retired from agility competition. So is Ken. :)

In this latest incarnation of our blog I plan to post photos of our dogs as well as those of our students; training articles; dog stories; observations, … whatever strikes me. An errant web design article might also appear – since that’s what I do when I’m not playing with the dogs. So stay tuned – it might just be fun!

And by the way – Comments are welcome! That’s what blogs are about. One fool blathering and others giving their opinions. All comments are subject to my approval, since blogs are known to be infiltrated by the same sort of critters that get into our email and mess it up, but anything constructive or funny – or just plain-vanilla comments – will be posted, regardless of whether I agree or not.

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