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Weave training, Joon, day #2 barn

Still frustrated, but Joon is definitely more under control using food than with a toy. We have no more leaping across the weave pole base. She’s not as focused on the food as she was on the toy, so it’s easier for her to move away and focus on the weaves. We’re able to get wonderful entries with the poles on the left, dog on the left, from 6 o’clock (weave pole #1) to about 10 o’clock. Any attempt to

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Weave training, Joon, day #5

“But,” you say, “what happened with the action-packed report from day #4?” Well, we did pretty well, but it had become increasingly obvious to me that I was not sticking to MY criteria of minimal movement and keeping my mouth shut. With our session yesterday, she actually started to shut down at one point because she just wasn’t getting it. She kept running toward the poles and stopping, and it’s pretty clear from the video (which I won’t share) that

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