Weave training – Joon – day #2

Today we switched to the other side of the poles from yesterday, mostly to orient her away from a tunnel that she actually ignored yesterday. I’ll move the weaves for our next session. We should move them regularly.

The video shows today’s effort and progress. Joon’s goal was to enter between the first and second poles (second pole invisible at this camera angle), and to throw the toy only when she passed between the two poles. My tasks were to remain as still as possible to get her to her goal – and to toss the toy *toward the yellow cone* as she achieved the goal of getting her nose past the first pole. It took a couple tries for me to find my aim, but it took her a few tries, too, to find the silly space between the poles. Her fixation on the toy is both good and bad, but good will win out.  I’m not entirely visible; we started with her on my right, then on my left; then tightened the angle of approach, first on the right and then on the left; then tightened a bit more. I found that I needed to be closer to the poles for her to be successful, which is where I’ll start next time.  She tends to arc out more than the last dog I did this with (last dog was Genie, who is not a Border collie – duh). When she’s on my right she tends to curve back in toward me instead of turning to her right toward the toy; needs to get on that right lead. Will work on that too.

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