Doggy Ghost Stories

I was just reading Darcie’s blog at and it got me thinking about my own special doggie loss and its sequelae. Frenzy was an Australian shepherd that I shepherded into this world with the able assistance of her mother Luna. From the earliest days in the litter box she stood out – she had incredibly violet eyes that would bore into you. She was also very cute and very funny; even in a world of funny Aussie puppies she

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Life Goes On, Musings in LA

So here it is October 17 and I haven’t blogged since June, and so many of my submissions were photos… lazy me! I am vacationing in Los Angeles, visiting my daughter Dafna who, in addition to being an incredible person, is an amazing acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I’ve been here one week, which means one week without dogs. Considering that I’ve lived my past 40-some years in the company of canines, dozens of them, this is quite a phenomenon. Dafna

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Zip Goes Public

OK, so here’s what happens when you have a really fast dog and a person who isn’t physically ready to be out there with that really fast dog. Please note that the handler (moi) is about a month post arthroscopic repair of a quite arthritic knee. I’ve been under the impression that in a month I’ll be up and about, running agility like old times. Wrong! It might have something to do with my advanced age (which gets more advanced

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