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Genie playing snowball

Genie has always hated being wet, and can get pretty insulted about snow. Using the tennis ball helps to keep her engaged — at least for a while — in snowy conditions. It was challenging, with some of the really dry, powdery snow of the winter of 2013/14, to keep the tennis balls above the snow line. They would sink down into the snow and be gone, just gone. I imagine we’ll find them in the spring. Can’t wait!

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Genie doing what Genie does

My darling Genie dances to her own tune. She delights in tormenting the other dogs, and in particular stealing the frisbee from Jolt, who is the most serious and earnest dog I know. I’m always thinking that if Genie’s powers could only be used for good… She’s super-fast and has the quickest eye in the bunch, and can beat out my fast Border collie when the game is in it for her.

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Doggy Ghost Stories

I was just reading Darcie’s blog at and it got me thinking about my own special doggie loss and its sequelae. Frenzy was an Australian shepherd that I shepherded into this world with the able assistance of her mother Luna. From the earliest days in the litter box she stood out – she had incredibly violet eyes that would bore into you. She was also very cute and very funny; even in a world of funny Aussie puppies she

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