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Ernie at Montgomery Terrier trial 2004I’m a dog trainer specializing in agility, playing at it with my own dogs who are pictured at the top of these pages. I have other dogs whose photos I plan to share. Pictured here is Ernie, our Cairn terrier, who did a bang-up job in AKC Novice and Open agility as well as Excellent Jumpers, and then slowed down incredibly for his Excellent standard runs. He still finished his AX and AXJ in 11 and 9 runs, respectively. But he needs a reason to go fast doing agility at trials, and I haven’t found that reason. Still working on it.

I’ll introduce our other dogs to you as we go along.

I plan to post training articles, dog stories, observations, … whatever strikes me. An errant web design article might also appear – since that’s what I do when I’m not enjoying the dogs. So stay tuned – it might just be fun!

And by the way – Comments are welcome! That’s what blogs are about. One fool blathering and others giving their opinions. All comments are subject to my approval, since blogs are known to be infiltrated by the same sort of critters that get into our email and mess it up, but anything constructive or funny – or just plain-vanilla comments – will be posted, regardless of whether I agree or not.

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