Joon day 2- An IM dialog with Linda

JoonLinda: Dontcha think you should put a link to your coolio blog on the mountainview website? :-)

Averill: I plan to; want to get it going a bit more before I do.

Linda: Which means you need to write in it.

Averill: Yep, but first I have to do something with Joon besides walk her and feed her Red Barn.

Linda: I bet she’s loving that. That is doing something with her. You’re teaching her that you are the origin of all good things, that you should be listened to because there may be something in it for her, etc.

Linda: And that you are the one w/the opposable thumbs that can open the Red Barn.

Averill: She’s pretty cool. She’s very attentive (even without the Red Barn). She’s very soft, though. Food in face for longer than 10 seconds (not forthcoming because she doesn’t sit or whatever I’m luring her to do) – and she goes away. Comes right back when I invite her, but she’s not crazy crazy crazy for the food.

Linda: Or she just has a low frustration level

Linda: If her first guess doesn’t make food happen, give up.

Averill: I was impressed at her intelligence yesterday when she wrapped the long line around a tree (one turn) and then unwound herself. Then I recalled that she was chained a bunch. Learned from it, I guess.

Linda: She hasn’t learned 101 Things to Do w/a Box.

Linda: She hasn’t learned to offer behaviors.

Averill: She probably doesn’t even know one thing to do with a box, or anything. Except my slippers.

Linda: I’m going to try buying a new pair of slippers this year. I hope Libby has forgotten about chewing them. Last year I wore the duct tape ones.

Averill: I was thinking of buying Joon her own pair of slippers.

Averill: and keeping mine in a safe place.

Averill: I’m not in any hurry. She’s kinda had a major life change, sudden-like.

Linda: Dogs don’t generalize EXCEPT when it comes to slippers. All slippers are edible.

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