If There’s a Joon. . .

If there’s a Joon there must be a Benny, so I thought I’d start the Benny & Joon saga. I adopted Benny a week ago yesterday though I have to admit that it wasn’t until Monday or Tuesday of this week that I was convinced I’d keep him. I’m not as web/blog savvy as Averill, so bear with me.

Benny (new name Tuck, but that’s not nearly so fun as Benny & Joon) is an 18 mo. old Tibetan spaniel that I adopted from rescue. Apparently a breeder in the area had to get rid of her dogs due to ill health. What I know is that the person I got Benny/Tuck from had three more, and they all appeared happy and healthy. I love and have loved my shelties, but I had been looking into other breeds. Tibetan spaniels had caught my eye as being small, coated but not too much coat, fun-loving and cuddly – my kind of dog! However I had pretty much written them off since they are fairly rare and I knew I couldn’t afford to buy one from a breeder. When I saw this little guy (and Averill had just adopted Joon) I figured it was kismet. So Libby (my sheltie) and I went to go meet the rescuer. I had told myself I was probably not going to bring him home, didn’t bring an extra crate, didn’t bring my checkbook into the house, etc. Silly me. He came home with me in the crate. Libby rode in the front seat.

There’s obviously more to the story, but I think I’ll try posting this first and see if it works. Maybe Averill will teach me how to put in pictures. The training issues started soon after I got the little guy home since he knows nothing. How a dog can get to the age of 18 months and not even know how to sit is beyond me, but at least I have a clean slate, right? Wrong!

libby-tuck-tug.jpgAverill is jumping in here and posting a photo that Linda sent – of Tuck and Libby getting along very well about two weeks after this post was written.

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