Daemon’s Travail, Chapter 3

Daemon celebrated his 13th birthday on July 4th, by being alive and staying as cool as possible on yet another near-100-degree day. What weather!

Daemon, July 16, 2010, out and about

Daemon, July 16, 2010, out and about

Today he is fine, not back to his pre-“event” condition, still doing well, moving around with only occasional tumbles. He considers himself to be totally normal, and so is often betrayed by his hind limbs, which just don’t have what it takes to be Super-Aussie. He’s still working on it, though!

He sees his friend Carol Lundquist (Singing Stones Animal Wellness Center, now in Marshall VA) as often as he can. He failed swim therapy, not believing that his feet could actually move in the water. We will try again, now that he’s more mobile. His prednisone is now down to 5 mg every other day, with only 3 tablets remaining, so by mid-week next week he’ll be off the stuff.

His recovery is a testimonial to some very caring and talented people, who don’t believe in saying “uncle!,”  a strong and determined constitution, and a group of friends who rooted for him, prayed, cajoled, and breathed “recovery.”


A postscript

Swimming attempts – a photo gallery


  • k

    July 16. How is Damon now?

  • Did you find Dr. L’s phone number? Email me if you need it. Daemon’s still doing great!

  • Debra Graham

    Averill, just stumbled on your blog while Googling for Dr. Lundquist’s phone number. So sorry to hear about Daemon’s problem but glad to hear about his progress. Please keep us updated!

    Debra and Abigail

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