Zip’s back with a vengeance

So… last week little Zip meandered around, chased the sheep and would veer off at the last minute and go eat dung, or sniff a tree, then return to do the same nonsense. We waited 10 days and brought her back. She was quite different, mostly interested in scaring the sheep into submission, showing a lot of teeth and acting like a big scary dog. Even the sheep didn’t believe her, though they did stay out of her way as well as they could. She paced herself well, working much more efficiently than she does in agility. In agility, she exhausts herself with her enthusiasm; today she was running in good bursts, then slowing down, thinking about what she was doing with her body. Also thinking about lamb chops, maybe just a little bit.

I like this shot because she looks like she’s really leaning into a turn (almost lying on her side at a full-out run).

Zip running full-out after some sheepies


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