Weave training, Joon, day #2 barn

Still frustrated, but Joon is definitely more under control using food than with a toy. We have no more leaping across the weave pole base. She’s not as focused on the food as she was on the toy, so it’s easier for her to move away and focus on the weaves. We’re able to get wonderful entries with the poles on the left, dog on the left, from 6 o’clock (weave pole #1) to about 10 o’clock. Any attempt to enter the poles on the left off my right side gets her turning back toward my left. I don’t know how to fix that. I skipped that step today and went to the other side of the poles, now poles on my right, dog on my right. We can get to 1 o’clock but definitely not 2 o’clock. She gets a lucky one or two correct entries at 2 o’clock and then enters on the wrong side of the poles, apparently convinced that this is the correct entry. As instructed, with two failures I move back to my previous position (1 o’clock), she gets a couple of good reps, and then back to 2 o’clock. Not so successful.

I’m doing better overall with my criteria (and to be fair, so is Joon). When she is wrong I tend to move my body more to force a correct entry. I think that might be OK if I do it once! But I keep helping her, which is not my job!

I’m thinking that maybe I should be standing closer to the poles (I’m probably 6 feet away, and Mary Ellen does say 3-5 feet) at each angle change.

Whatever I should be doing, I feel I need help. Thus, Joon will be accompanying me, Jolt and Jig to our lesson with Claudia tomorrow. I hope she’ll be able to help me with these issues.

Today’s video is posted here. It’s three sessions over several hours. Could be I need to limit our sessions to 2 minutes and just do a bunch of them throughout the day. I think that’s what Susan Garrett recommends.

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