Trial report, Lebanon, Indiana I

Cold this morning (39 degrees brrr). Warmed up, sunny and perfect agility day. Small entry (400-some runs today and tomorrow). Lois Marks is the Masters judge, Laura Miller S/A. Actually good, fun, challenging courses all ’round. Ken ran Jolt, went 1st with a Q in Jumpers. Otherwise they had blips and blops.

Jig was awesome. He ran Masters Gamblers (his first masters run) and didn’t make the gamble, but he did fine and worked with me to the best of his abilities throughout. Same for his Advanced Standard and Advanced Jumpers classes. He was first dog running in his jump height in both of those classes, which is a terrific situation for him, since it gives me time to collect him from the dog that just ran. No Qs in anything, but a nicely working, cooperative dog who was just a touch OVER THE TOP! but good.

Genie was wonderful. She ran jumpers this morning, was fast and eager – especially for tunnels, which she did a few extra of. :)
She then nailed standard (her lifetime first standard run). It started with jump – chute – weaves. She came flying out of the chute and landed sort of in the middle of the weaves. Starters, so no problem. Called her back, set her up and weave-queen she was! Took first in that class with a Q.
And in Gamblers she was great. A little over-zealous here and there but I’d rather that than the opposite. The gamble was jump to a chute and then out to a jump. She did the jump and chute and then ran past the final jump; called her back and sent her out (maybe 15′), and she did it – before the whistle! Q – 1st in class.

Now I won’t say that the competition in Genie’s class was anything incredible, but she really was awesome. As for Ken’s jumpers class, there were some really nice dogs running, and most E’d or otherwise faulted. Only 2 of maybe 20 22-inch dogs qualified. I want to set up that jumpers course at home. It definitely had its challenges!

Poor little Zip didn’t get to run agility, and was often a PIA in the van, barking with her shrill bark. She did, however, get to come out and play tug and walk around; got to meet some mailboxes that she’d thought were devils at a distance; worked on stays, impulse control, etc. It was really good for her.

It’s strange to be at a trial where I don’t know anyone. Good group, though, some very nice dogs and handlers. A fun way for us to end our week of travel. I’m glad I asked Ken to run Jolt. Both of them are happy with it, and it really takes the pressure off of me.

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