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Zip’s back with a vengeance

So… last week little Zip meandered around, chased the sheep and would veer off at the last minute and go eat dung, or sniff a tree, then return to do the same nonsense. We waited 10 days and brought her back. She was quite different, mostly interested in scaring the sheep into submission, showing a lot of teeth and acting like a big scary dog. Even the sheep didn’t believe her, though they did stay out of her way as

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Today is the first day of …

What is your dog doing right now?  OK, good, she’s lying on her bed, being quiet, maybe even sleeping.  So you have time to read this short post. Your dog has the self-assigned task of watching you all day, every day, as long as you are in the same space. This is how she knows when it’s time to go for a walk, when dinner is going to be served, when you are preparing to leave for a while –

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