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Joon’s learning to weave

It’s been a long time, but I have an opportunity to work with this girl. Ken took the two young ‘unsĀ  (Genie and Zip) on a road trip for a week or so, and it’s my assignment to teach Joon to weave. I’ve chosen to teach her using the 2 x 2 method, since it doesn’t require another person to start the dog, and I’ve had a pretty good success rate with it. Today was step #1. Lately, Karen Stinnett

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Joon lives. Really. I know I haven’t written anything since NOVEMBER 28th! (I actually didn’t realize it was that long ago! Oh my.) Let’s see, first of all I caught a cold – had no voice, a head full of stuff, and then it segued into an ear infection, and now I can’t hear. It’s been cold. Or hot. Or raining. There was a bunch of holidays in there too, disrupting any semblance of a “normal” life around here. Though

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Tuck’s First Christmas. . .

or How Your Dog Too Can Spend Three Days in a Crate. So much for happy holidays for the short guy. We’re not doing too well in the potty training department. I think the major problem with trying to potty train an adult dog is that they have much better control over their eliminations. Puppies are pretty much pre-programmed. If their legs are moving they need to potty. If they eat, they need to defecate. Easy. All you have to

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Joon – Two weeks

The little darling has been here now a fortnight. Boy, what a mix of wild and crazy and submissive and worm-like she is (not to mention bitchy and sweet) – a study in contradictions! We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather for November (except for two days of solid rain last week, but we won’t count them): sunny days in the 60s with cool (well, cold) nights. For the most part I cannot use crappy weather as an excuse not

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Training diary essentials

Establish short- and long-term goals. Write ’em down! Break the goals down into behaviors to teach the dog. Train these behaviors, recording all steps, whether successful or not. Both successes and setbacks provide very good information. Review goals regularly. They’re not set in stone! It’s probable that new mini-behaviors will need to be added in order to progress. Be diligent and honest in your record-keeping.

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Joon’s Checklist

LONG-TERM GOALS For Joon to be a stable, happy dog with plenty to keep her occupied physically and mentally, interactive with other dogs and humans, comfortable in her own skin. For her to be a successful agility competitor to the level of her handler’s competence. SHORT-TERM GOALS (OH MY!) {Goals to be achieved are in black; goals felt to be achieved in green; and additional goals are in red.} Housebroken. Learn name. [11/26/06] Gain confidence. Play with me – tug,

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