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More dogs in the snow

This is yet another example of Border collie brilliance. Jolt does love the snow. He loves to chase snowflakes as they scatter around; he loves to catch snow as we toss it from the shovel; he loves to scoop his head into the loose snow and come up covered. Anybody know why? Zip wonders too. She thinks the stuff is ok but has too many other things to do than to play with it. Play in it, yes – with

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Columbia, Missouri, dog park

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Boston terriers. I had one when I was a senior in high school, dear Bridget, and scamp that I was I went off away from home and left her with my mother, who had no admiration for the dog. She ended up going back to the breeder. I try to be a better caretaker these days. Anyway, I admire these dogs. This one was pretty bold, and even though it

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