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Trial report, Lebanon, Indiana I

Cold this morning (39 degrees brrr). Warmed up, sunny and perfect agility day. Small entry (400-some runs today and tomorrow). Lois Marks is the Masters judge, Laura Miller S/A. Actually good, fun, challenging courses all ’round. Ken ran Jolt, went 1st with a Q in Jumpers. Otherwise they had blips and blops. Jig was awesome. He ran Masters Gamblers (his first masters run) and didn’t make the gamble, but he did fine and worked with me to the best of

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Tuck is a working dog!

Tuck’s mom claims he has no work ethic, that he works entirely for cookies. Granted, this is not the fastest kid on the block, but with extreme patience and persistence, Linda has helped him make enormous achievements. He was shy, hid behind Linda’s legs or under her chair during class, kept to the far end of the leash whenever I held him, didn’t want to jump, or enter tunnels … He is now outgoing in class (has a true love

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