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Zip’s back with a vengeance

So… last week little Zip meandered around, chased the sheep and would veer off at the last minute and go eat dung, or sniff a tree, then return to do the same nonsense. We waited 10 days and brought her back. She was quite different, mostly interested in scaring the sheep into submission, showing a lot of teeth and acting like a big scary dog. Even the sheep didn’t believe her, though they did stay out of her way as

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Zip Goes Public

OK, so here’s what happens when you have a really fast dog and a person who isn’t physically ready to be out there with that really fast dog. Please note that the handler (moi) is about a month post arthroscopic repair of a quite arthritic knee. I’ve been under the impression that in a month I’ll be up and about, running agility like old times. Wrong! It might have something to do with my advanced age (which gets more advanced

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