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Training diary essentials

Establish short- and long-term goals. Write ’em down! Break the goals down into behaviors to teach the dog. Train these behaviors, recording all steps, whether successful or not. Both successes and setbacks provide very good information. Review goals regularly. They’re not set in stone! It’s probable that new mini-behaviors will need to be added in order to progress. Be diligent and honest in your record-keeping.

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Joon’s Checklist

LONG-TERM GOALS For Joon to be a stable, happy dog with plenty to keep her occupied physically and mentally, interactive with other dogs and humans, comfortable in her own skin. For her to be a successful agility competitor to the level of her handler’s competence. SHORT-TERM GOALS (OH MY!) {Goals to be achieved are in black; goals felt to be achieved in green; and additional goals are in red.} Housebroken. Learn name. [11/26/06] Gain confidence. Play with me – tug,

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Joon day 2- An IM dialog with Linda

Linda: Dontcha think you should put a link to your coolio blog on the mountainview website? Averill: I plan to; want to get it going a bit more before I do. Linda: Which means you need to write in it. Averill: Yep, but first I have to do something with Joon besides walk her and feed her Red Barn. Linda: I bet she’s loving that. That is doing something with her. You’re teaching her that

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Intro post

I’m a dog trainer specializing in agility, playing at it with my own dogs who are pictured at the top of these pages. I have other dogs whose photos I plan to share. Pictured here is Ernie, our Cairn terrier, who did a bang-up job in AKC Novice and Open agility as well as Excellent Jumpers, and then slowed down incredibly for his Excellent standard runs. He still finished his AX and AXJ in 11 and 9 runs, respectively. But

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